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“Threat of World War”

On September 21, 2012 the world was awaken and shocked when news reports all over the globe reported a nuclear detonation in downtown Brussels.  Here in the United States it was being reported that approximately one million people have died because of the nuclear blasts and efforts are underway to find the people responsible.  The news reports cause a major panic around the globe, but especially here in the U.S.and its NATO allies in Europe.  With Brussels being the seat of the European Union and home of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization this could very well mean aggressive action is to follow.

Through the minds of thousands and millions of citizens around the world Al-Qaeda is the one responsible for the nuclear attack.  However, the President of the United States is not so quick to blame a terrorist’s organization as he wants to know who exactly is responsible.  All European nations go on high alert and claim State of Emergency, which brings their military and national police on the streets with battle ready equipment.  Approximately 15 minutes later after the first reports are reported the National Guard is Washington,D.C. is called to action.  Some states alert their National Guard while others are ordered by their governor to dress up and patrol the streets.

Approximately one hour later after the nuclear detonation the President of the United States is looking for answers on who could be responsible.  Before he is given the intelligence update he is advised of the civil unrest in Europe and how quickly things have gotten out of hand.  The nation of Belgium is in a state of panic and the United Nations is calling for an emergency session.  The president takes the news as if it was his own country going through the civil unrest due to the massive disruption of life.  Once he receives the news of the updates in Europe he is then presented with the intelligence update of what the CIA has uncovered.  The president and the CIA director are face to face through a video conference as they discuss the intelligence findings.

The CIA claimed they knew nothing previously about any attack on any nation at that time.  They had a few leads they were following of individuals who were funding the terrorist’s organizations in North Africa, but no attack on any nation was mentioned.  Then during the video conference with the CIA director the president of the United States is given another update on the intelligence report.  He is extremely taken by what he sees in front of him and shares it with the CIA director.  Both begin to ask questions about how an American religious group got their hands on a nuclear device.  The president begins to think about the political nightmare this will involve and the danger his nation faces when this gets out to the media.  Well, his fears were recognized when the news media reported that an American religious group is claiming responsibility for the attack on Brussels.  This becomes the top story for the day, let alone for the week, and has steered things in a different direction.

Almost immediately the reports hit every major station in Europe and Asia and sparks huge outcry against the United States.  Anti-American groups all over the world begin to chant ‘Death to America’ and saw an opportunity to spread their views and religious belief about the U.S. Great Britain and other NATO allies begin to limit their contact with the United States and follow the advice of China and Russia.  The United States failed to advise the European Union and the NATO allies of the religious group intentions to disrupt world peace.  The U.S.responds with an apology to the world, but claims to have no knowledge of any American religious group wanting to cause world destruction.  The explanation falls on many deaf ears, especially on Russia and China.

Knowing the tense of the situation the president alerts all military bases in Europe and Asia for any retaliation from any foreign member.  The Middle East and North Africa spark into a revolutionary state, which Israel is quick to deal with.  Here back in the United States it is approximately four hours after the initial blasts when the news reports another attack.  This time the attack was on an American Embassy in France and the threat of another American Embassy being attacked was in Saudi Arabia.  The president was alerted on all American interests around the world being or has the threat of being attacked.  Some reports stated that the French military encouraged or lead the attack on the American Embassy.

Quickly the defense secretary authorized all military bases to use lethal force to protect themselves and propel any frontal attack.  It was almost immediate after that order was given out that all military bases outside of the United States went on full alert.  The only attack on the U.S.was the American Embassy in France and hopefully to the president that would be it.  Six hours after nuclear detonation it is picked up on satellite images by the NSA that China has a naval ship off the coast of Japan.  It is witnessed by the U.S.a naval skirmish between China and Japan just miles off the east coast of the Japanese island. very cautious in interfering and chooses not too as the battle is viewed by one of their nuclear submarines.

The skirmish is won by Japan and this sets off a huge chain of events as the Chinese naval ship sinks.  Immediately the naval commander of the U.S. Nuclear Submarine orders the ship to evacuate the area and to head north towards the Bering Strait. Japan and China now go on high alert and face going to war once again for the first time since WWII.  Thankfully no more exchanges are seen and witnessed between the two nations as tensions ride extremely high. North Korea is fully aware of the naval skirmish and the events happening around the world, but surprisingly does nothing at this time.

For the next eight hours after that naval skirmish the world comes to a silence and fears most people around the world.  A lot of people fear this Global Silence is the calm before the storm, which means for most people the initial start to another world conflict.  Approximately 24 hours after the initial nuclear blasts the group responsible is given a name.  The World Christian Organization is the group responsible for the nuclear blasts in downtown Brussels a day ago.  This group is however not like any other Christian group as to teach the loving Word of God.  The WCO claims to have the biblical power and is the only one in the world that can stop the establishment of the New World Order.  With Brussels claiming to be the headquarters of the One World Government, stated by the WCO, they saw fit and with God’s blessing to destroy the evil.

The leader of the WCO claimed to be the speaker of God’s word and can lead the world to a peaceful solution.  Nothing was said about another nuclear attack on the horizon, but it was stated that another attack will happen if all the evil in the world is not brought to justice.  Now the WCO has caused massive panic and global fear with its rhetoric messages and claiming to be the leader in world peace.  The problem of finding the group and bringing them to face the World Court will be a challenge in itself.  The United States is now looked at by the world as the nation to fix the problem, but causing any tension to burst or to allow another attack will cause great harm to nation’s reputation.  The president of the United States knows that his military can not handle the task without causing an international incident.  He calls upon his most closes advisers and other members of his cabinet to form a small task force to handle the issue.  To find the members of the WCO will be conducted in secrecy and called “Operation Amber Fire” to represent the tensions of all international governments and the possibility of a World War.




This new blog novel is coming to the blog this coming April!  This is a new novel series that I have created that the original plan is to have a trilogy created out of this series.  This first part of the trilogy is called “American Tyranny”, which depicts the Independent Party attempting to gain influence as well as chairs in the Senate and House.  The leader of the Independent Party, Vince Black a Senator from Minnesota, teams up with a domestic extremists who condones aggressive ways to change America.  The democratic and republican parties attempt to cease the growing efforts of the independent party while struggling to keep secrets from the American public.

Once some of the secrets are exposed all three parties attempt to gain prominence over the other and become the savior.  The public cries for honesty and integrity as the political process in America is starting to collapse.  This first part series of the trilogy is scheduled to end with the stand-off between all parties and the plot to eliminate the independent party by force.  This plot of elimination is discovered and a war is on the horizon for survival and independent freedom!


In the summer of 2009, Mary Noble, who was married by age 25, was at home cleaning their master bedroom before her husband came home.  Her husband, Jeremy Noble, was out with a few co-workers and some childhood friends watching football all day.  They lived in a neighborhood on the outskirts of New Orleans and their home team had a bye that week.  Jeremy and the fellas have been trying to get together for a Sunday afternoon to just watch football all day and share statistics.  Mary, his wife, chose to stay home this Sunday and not hang out with her girlfriends for the first time in about two months.  It was about one week before her 30th birthday and she was often wondering how he would surprise her this time around.  Jeremy had done so well in surprising her for her birthday that she had just always expected it.  Well, this time around things took a turn that she didn’t expect to happen.

As she was cleaning their bedroom she did her normal routine of vacuuming and dusting off the dressers and the ceiling fan.  Very seldom she would clean under the lamps sitting on the night stands that are on either side of their bed.  The last time she cleaned under the lamps was about three months ago and she decided that it is time to do that once more.  Jeremy knew that she barely cleaned under the lamps on the night stand and often hid things from her in that spot.  She went over to her side of the bed and lifted the lamp up and could see very little dust, but a difference in how clean that spot was.  She cleaned under the lamp and placed it back down on the night stand.  She then went over to her husband’s side of the bed and lifted the lamp up and saw a piece of paper folded up.

She looked at it and figured it was just a piece of paper that was left there.  She moved it and cleaned under the lamp and started to place it back down.  Then her curiosity got the best of her and she began to unfold the piece of paper.  She wondered was this a piece of paper that had her surprise on it, but then again it was somewhat odd that it was there.  She fought back and forth with herself to either open it up and see what was in it or just leave it there.  Finally after about a few minutes of debating about it she unfolded the piece of paper and got a shock when she began reading it.  The folded piece of paper was a love note from another woman from a name that she didn’t recognize.  She knew most of the women in his family and their nicknames and government names.  The name on the paper was apparently from a woman named Rebecca and the note written was about a page and a half.

As she began reading it her heart just sunk to the bottom of her stomach and she nearly felt the temptation to vomit.  The note written to Jeremy was speaking about last week when he stated to Mary that he was out with the fellas.  That portion of the statement he made was true, but what he didn’t say was that they were all together celebrating another co-workers birthday.  As Mary went on and read the letter it described in detail of the sexual experience Rebecca had with Jeremy.  Mary barely finished the letter and just started crying and she allowed the tears to flow down her cheeks.  She cried for about five minutes until she heard Jeremy pull up and close the car door.  She quickly got herself together and began going downstairs with the note folded up in her pocket.  She met Jeremy downstairs and he smiled at her ready to give her a kiss, but he could she had been crying.  When he asked she just gave him some excuse that she had been cleaning with bleach upstairs.  He thought nothing of it and kissed her on the cheek as she was cleaning up in the kitchen.

He went upstairs and she stopped wiping and covered her face and wiped away the tears.  He went upstairs and looked behind him to see if she was there and went under the lamp on his night stand to reach for the note.  He lifted up the lamp and grabbed the folded note and began to unfold it.  As he unfolded it he noticed there was nothing written on the paper on either side.  Jeremy’s heart immediately dropped and his face just showed the shock and horror, as he knows that his wife of five years have found out about his affair.  He quickly folds it back up and puts it back under the lamp and turns around heading downstairs.  As he steps off the last step he receives a broom handle to the stomach, which causes him to bend over and she followed up with a broom handle to his back.  He fell down on his face and got a kick his ribs, which made him, turn around on his back and she dropped a heavy vase on his head knocking him out.

By the time he came too he was butt naked lying on the bed with his feet and hands tied to each of the four bed posts.  Mary comes out of the bathroom dressed in knee high boots, black fishnet stockings, her favorite black bra, and underwear.  He looks her way and sees her outfit and instead of being excited about this opportunity he becomes very nervous.  She pulls the note out of her bra and throws it at him hitting him in the face.  The note falls on the bed next to his head and he takes a big swallow knowing that he is in deep trouble.  She walks up to the side of the bed and comes down with a hammer fist to his stomach.  That makes Jeremy let out a huge “uugghh!” from the impact of her fist striking him.  She then stands up on the bed standing over him looking down at him with an angry look.  His eyes meets her eyes as he begs for her to rethink what she is doing and allow him to explain his side of the story.  She replied with a not so favorable response and stomped her heel into his belly.  He felt her heel puncture his skin and go through his belly and the pain shot through his body.  She grinded the heel into him and then pulled it out with the heel stained of blood.  She repeated this behavior again and again, which counted about a dozen times she punctured holes into his belly and abdomen.

Blood is slowly oozing out of the wounds all over his mid-section as he is obviously showing he is in pain.  Her hair has now fallen in front of her face making a shadow covering her face as he looks up.  She looks down at him wiping her hair out of her face and said to him “I hope she was worth it!”  She turned around and sat down on his chest with her back to him.  He suddenly feels sharp pains shoot through his lower body as for a few seconds he tries to make sense of the situation.  Quickly reality was shown to him in her hand as he recognized “himself” in her hand and the blood just pouring down her arm.  She was quite surprise that he wasn’t screaming the whole time she tortured him.  She took the item in her hand and placed it in a plastic container filled with water about halfway.  He looked at her and yelled “SEE YOU IN HELL!” She reached under a pillow that was next to his head and pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.  “You and Rebecca can now be together forever!  I’ll see you two in hell.”  Then she pulled the trigger shooting him in the head.  She then dropped to her knees cried for a few seconds and finished off herself.



Beginning this fall will be the second season of Vince Black, who is a political candidate of the Independent Party.  He continues to work his way through the ranks of the government and seek wisdom on how to play the political game.

Tune in beginning on October 3rd.


“Post Celebration”

Topic: Melissa comes across her ex-boyfriend and Jennifer becomes more intense with her flirtatious goals.

Day of the week: Wednesday

Damien is now at work once again late at night after the dealership closed and it is the Monday after 4th of July.  This time he’s not there by himself, but has Jennifer with him this time as her training on the job is coming to an end.  By the end of the week she will be on her own.

JENNIFER: So Damien (as she walks up behind him) how are things at home?


JENNIFER: You was having issues with your wife at home so I was just asking how are things now?

DAMIEN: Oh, um things at home are pretty good.  Can’t complain too much.

JENNIFER: So you are still having issues?

DAMIEN: What are you getting at?

JENNIFER: You just said that you can’t complain too much.  Meaning that things aren’t exactly 100%.

DAMIEN: I wouldn’t be reading too much into that.  Our differences have been worked out and things are looking up once again. He gets up to get more coffee from the service area.

She gets up and follows him into the service area and when he turns around he sees her standing there.

JENNIFER: I’m not the one to be playing games Damien.  I’ve been watching you for a long time and now I think it’s time to the barriers down. She removes her blouse and he can see her red bra with black exotic designs.

DAMIEN: Jennifer what do you think you are doing? He looks at her flat athletic stomach and even goes up and down with his eyes.  We have work to do and I think we should complete that before we cut out.

JENNIFER: Oh well, right now there is another job I want to do and that includes you entirely. She walks slowly up to him with her blouse still partially on by her waist.

DAMIEN: He moves backwards with his coffee in his hand.  Jennifer I don’t think this is a great idea.  You are almost off of training and by next week you will be a full fledge employee.

JENNIFER: I have you to thank for that and I want to give you my appreciation. She continues to move towards him and backs him into a corner.

She gets close to his neck and sniffs his manly scent she so much enjoys.  Her right hand quickly grabbed for his package and she could feel that he was hard.  She squeezes gently and watches his reaction to her manipulation of his manhood.  He falls into the moment before he realizes that he needs to get away.

DAMIEN: Oh my God!  Jennifer I can’t really participate in this.

JENNIFER: I will give you the best blowjob you have ever gotten.  I want to know how you taste.

DAMIEN: What?!

JENNIFER: Yes, Damien I want to make you cum in my mouth and drain you dry.  Can your wife complete that for you?

DAMIEN: Jennifer!  I’m giving you the opportunity to catch yourself before you regret this.  I don’t want either of us to get into trouble.

JENNIFER: The only way that will happen is if one of us speak about it.  I want you Damien and not only do I want you in my mouth, but I want to feel that big, black dick inside me filling me up.

Damien keeps trying to get away from her and she continues to stalk him around the showroom floor.  Talk about being saved by the bell is when his cell phone rings and he sees that it’s his wife.  He quickly answers the phone feeling relieved and talks to his wife while keeping Jennifer in his sights.  He steps back and turns his back for a quick minute and just as the conversation ended he turns around and sees her gone.  He looked out the window and sees her speeding off out the parking lot.  He hangs up the phone and breathes a sigh of relief, but how will he deal with this situation in the morning is another thing.

Earlier that day Melissa was at the grocery store getting some things for dinner when she had an unexpected experience.

MELISSA: Asking one of the employees in the produce section.  Where are your plantains?

EMPLOYEE: Just look over by the watermelon they should be there.

MELISSA: Thanks.

She walks over to the section looking for the plantains and runs into an old friend of hers.  A kid, about 5 years old, ran around the corner of the watermelon stand and ran into her cart.  The kid immediately started crying and she attended to the child to see if he was okay.  When the father came around she was surprised.

MICHAEL: Is he okay?  I’m sorry for the inconvenience of my son?

MELISSA: It’s okay, but you have to make sure that you keep an eye on your child. She stands up and sees who it is.  Her ex-boyfriend who she broke up with before she met Damien.  Oh Michael, I didn’t know this was your son.

MICHAEL: How are you doing Melissa?  Long time no see.

MELISSA: I’m doing great.  How are you doing?  You look like you haven’t changed.

MICHAEL: I’m good myself.  As you can see I have a handful with me today.

MELISSA: Yeah I see, but I understand I have two kids myself.

MICHAEL: So how is married life treating you?

MELISSA: Everything is great.  I’m happy and things are looking up.

MICHAEL: I’m glad to hear it.  Well, I have to get going, but I hope to see you around.

MELISSA: Yeah, we should see each other again and I guess catch up.  Good seeing you once again.

MICHAEL: Same here.  Here is my business card and feel free to contact me anytime.

She quickly goes into another aisle and attempts to get herself together.  It was apparent to her that she still had feelings for him and she looked behind her, but didn’t see him.  Later that night Damien was fighting his own battle from a co-worker practically throwing herself at him.  He survived that confrontation sort of speak, but neither one, Melissa and Damien, know what is about to come next.


It’s something to think that a college town is not busy or thinking that things don’t happen.  Well, let me inform you that the college town I work in things happen basically on the regular.  I have been working in this college town for over seven years now and have seen my fair share of things on the street.  Tonight was not any different from what I have seen or been a part of.  

My squad came into work for the midnight shift around 2200hrs (10pm) and getting ready for our briefing.  When suddenly we hear over our radio, as the officers are transmitting, police sirens.  We all got our radios from the radio room and turned it on and heard that there was a group of people fighting with baseball bats.  As the officers working evening shift responded we started looking at each other and wondering should we respond as well.  I then grabbed the FN303, which is a less-than lethal projectile weapon that shoots out hard plastic projectile with pepper inside at 400 feet per second, and began to get it ready.  This weapon is used to subdue crowds at riots, group gatherings of an unlawful nature, and can be used for deadly situations if you want to reduce the deadly force that could be used.  

As soon as we heard that three hispanic males were severely cut and to keep sending units we all rushed out the door.  We left the station and jumped into our assigned vehicles and responded.  I threw the FN303 into the trunk and responded with my lights and siren and once I got there I pulled out the FN303.  I started walking around with it strapped around my shoulders and like I always do start getting looks from citizens and bystanders.  It never fails that I get at least one question of what it is that I am carrying around with me.  I’ve had people say to me is that a paintball gun?  I respond in a way that lets them know that this is not something you can go running into the woods with.  Once the projectiles of the FN303 hits you it stings, the plastic pellet explodes and not only marks you with a stain, but also contaminates you like you was sprayed.

This was the many times that I pulled this thing out and just the show of it can get people second guessing.  However, I begin to wonder how come I’m the only one pulling it out?  I guess because my comrades know that I am not afraid to use it.  Well, by the end of the huge confrontation it was all over as quickly as it started.  I just walked around with it strapped around me for about 45 minutes after my arrival and then could see that it was no need for it anymore.  One sergeant even saw me with it and was like “nice” with a smile as she was happy to see someone with it.  As things started to wind down I was saying to myself that this is only the beginning of our shift.  I was also thinking that this could be the beginning for a wild night or just something that happened at the time of another shift coming on.  Well only time will tell as the night is just beginning.

“In Between the Feet”


“In Between the Feet”

(Chocolate City)

Michael is a 40 year old divorcee’ and just came out of a marriage of 20 years with a woman named Melissa.  He has officially been divorced from his wife for nearly six months and he has always tried to wonder why the marriage ended.  He has been racking his brain all day and all night and knows that he has no evidence of her having an affair.  He unfortunately, can’t say the same thing for him as he has been outside the marriage at least twice.  To his knowledge she has no evidence of those two affairs he has had, but then again he probably wouldn’t know even if he asked.  The first affair he had he was married to Melissa for about 5 years when he met a cashier named Veronica.  

Veronica worked at the neighborhood grocery store and always saw him whenever he came in.  Apparently, to him she looked good in the store uniform of a green oxford shirt and black slacks.  Whenever he would see her walking around the store he would stare at her rear end as it was basically showing its firm shape.  She caught him a few times looking and he would attempt to act like he was not paying attention.  Well, one day she made a pass at him as he was the only customer in her line.  They got the talking one day as she was getting off work early and he was leaving the grocery store.  They exchanged phone numbers and slowly began to talk as he attempted to keep this a secret obviously.

One night he was working late, he worked as a security guard for a private company, and he received a text from her.  She wanted to see him and he hesitated for a second, but figured what the hell.  Well, he was the only security guard working that night and knew where the camera’s were and their weak points.  When he came to the main entrance of the building he could see her in a white plain t-shirt, black leggins, white and black Nike’s, and her hair trimmed very nicely.  He was impressed how different she looked out of uniform as he let her in.  Once she was in the building he acted like she had to sign in her name, but encouraged her to sign a false name.  After that he took her on a tour of the facility and that lasted about a half hour until things changed.

They entered one room where most of the high executives would host meetings in the conference room.  She looked around and saw no cameras in the room and she asked why.  He answered her, but it didn’t hit him until a few seconds later why she asked.  By this time they had been talking secretly to each other for nearly two months and have shared secrets of their sexual fantasies.  One of her fantasies was to have a sexual encounter with someone at either her job or their job.  Michael had a secret that not too many women were into, but only his wife would do it because it turns him on.  He has a very huge foot fetish and he likes pretty feet and certain footwear.  At this point in their secret lovers relationship sexual tension has been rising, but up until now no opportunity had showed itself.

Veronica pushed him in one of the chairs in the conference room and climbed on top of him.  She began to unbutton his uniform shirt and he started to get scared of being caught, but that was quickly subsided when she reached down and grabbed his crotch.  She felt him get hard extremely quick and began to caress his manhood through his black uniform slacks.  His eyes closed and head leaned back and the next thing he knew she was on her knees in front of him giving him a sensual blowjob.  His pants were down at his ankles and he could see her just enjoying herself engulfing his entire manhood.  She then laid on the floor and placed her feet up against his hard-on.  He thought he was in heaven as she gently stroked up and down his shaft using her Nike’s on her feet.  This lasted for about five minutes and she then removed her shoes showing her pink and black stripped socks.  

When Michael saw her socks he reached down and started to rub her feet.  She looked at him and laughed as he smiled and it appeared he got harder.  She teased him for a few minutes and then went to town by giving him the best footjob he has ever gotten.  He was thrusting his dick in between her feet in every position they could think of before they found one that would finish the deal.  He was standing up and she was on her back once again and he was holding her feet by the ankles.  As he thrusted back and forth he could feel the soft material rubbing up against his cock.  He got going faster and faster and she could see he was near to cum and ready to explode.  She took one foot and began rubbing and putting pressure on his balls as he began to stroke himself.  He got faster and faster in jerking off then he made a groaning sound just before he orgasmed.  

She looked up at him and said “cum on those socks!”  Almost immediately he exploded his semen on her pink and black stripped socks on command.  Immediately after she put her Nike’s back on and kissed him goodnight before leaving.  They had small conversation as they walked towards the main entrance then she left.  On her way home they texted back and forth until she was safely in her house.  Unfortunately, about two weeks later he went to the grocery store one day to pick up some things and didn’t see Veronica.  He asked about her and found out through another employee that she died in a car accident two days prior.  That news shocked him as that would explain why she never responded to his text for the past two days.  He left the grocery store stunned and shocked, but didn’t have time to feel sorry for her as his wife would surely ask.  Now, he must continue on with life as if this doesn’t affect him at all.  There is the challenging aspect of having an affair with someone you have feelings for.  Veronica will be forever in his mind as a history that he can’t share with anyone but himself.